8 Tips to Prepare Your Vehicle for Auto Transport

They should also be named as a party that can file a claim on behalf of their customer. A professional auto transport company should have several payment options to cater to different customer needs. The company should have options for the customer to pay through cash, credit cards, or checks. Your vehicle’s mileage will affect its market value as many buyers prefer cars with lower mileages. When you choose an auto transport company, you don’t have to worry about your vehicle’s mileage. The car will be loaded on a hauling truck and delivered in as-is condition to your preferred drop-off point.

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If there’s a claim with our services, we will resolve it right away. We proudly have one of the lowest rates of claims in the industry, so you can rest easy. Before picking up your car, the truck driver should inspect it and note any pre-existing damage, scratches, or marks. After the driver inspects the car, they should go over it with you. Be sure to receive a signed copy of the inspection before the driver leaves. The nation’s top car shippers will likely have partnerships with respected car museums, auto shows, and collector car businesses.

Sherpa Auto Transport has many strengths, from excellent customer service to the added security of the Price Lock Promise. We name Sherpa the Best for Locked-In Rates in the auto transport industry, though the company’s benefits go far beyond that. Read more about European vehicle recovery here. You can call your shipping company or broker for updates on your vehicle’s location during transport.

Why Ship a Car Instead of Driving?

Chicago is king, but there are scores of huge metropolitan areas all over the Midwest. Direct Express Auto Transport created the very first auto transport rate calculator in 2004. Go south of Homestead into the Florida Keys, however, and all bets are off. Do yourself a favor by meeting an auto transport carrier in either Key Largo or Homestead. You will get the best auto transport cost and service the closer you get to Miami or Fort Lauderdale. In Delaware, Wilmington is by far the best city for auto transport cost and service.

Why You Would Use Auto Transport

Once you enter that information, you’ll either receive an instant quote or be contacted by a representative from the shipping company. These types of carriers are more readily available, which is part of the reason that they’re the more affordable option. Having your car completely visible during the entire trip is also an advantage in that it allows the driver to notice any signs of damage immediately. That being said, open-air carriers mean that your car is exposed to the elements during transport, including any inclement weather. To be safe, it’s also a good idea to check your car closely for any existing damage and to photograph it from all angles. That way, if it incurs any damage on the road, you will have proof that it was not pre-existing and can go through the appropriate insurance channels to be reimbursed.

Transporting a vehicle across international borders can take more time. Instead of firm delivery dates, most shippers offer pickup and delivery windows, with narrower windows for densely populated areas and wider windows for rural ones. You may be able to follow the whereabouts of your vehicle by GPS or another system with certain transport companies. Distance, time, traffic, road conditions, weather, and carrier availability are all factors in car shipment. Moving services website Move.org estimates that shipping a car within the continental United States can take anything from six days to four weeks. Find out the impact of different seasons on car shipping rates and make informed decisions for your next shipment. Only you can do that so we’ve put together 14 tips on how to prepare your car for shipping that will give you peace of mind and ensure the transport goes smoothly.

Below are some of the advantages of shipping a car using a reliable company like Nationwide Transport Services. Make a point of removing all the items in the car, because if they’re lost or destroyed, the shipping company won’t be held liable. In case you want to transport personal belongings in the car, let the company know in advance.